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Invest in the ultra-modern, luxurious Chafford Park Estate beside the fastdeveloping industrial and commercial hub of Africa, the Lekki Free Trade Zone (LFTZ).

The LFTZ is Nigeria’s first private free trade zone and sits on over 800 hectares of land. It is designed to host several hundreds of local and international companies, several industrial zones and an integrated transportation network including an airport, deep seaport, rail and coastal road infrastructure. It is also equipped to generate its own electricity.

This landmark trade zone is planned to be completed and become fully operational by 2022. Over the next four years, the zone will witness large-scale development. Already over 100 companies are in the zone while several others are upcoming. Among them are Dangote Refinery, Petrochemical, Gas and Fertilizer companies, Kellogs, Huawei, MRS Oil, Dano Milk, etc.

It is projected that over 600,000 direct jobs and 600,000 indirect jobs will be created by the LFTZ when it becomes fully operational. There is no doubt that this free trade zone will become the new Lagos and the commercial heart of Nigeria and West Africa.

Why Chafford Park Estate?


Perimeter Fence & Gatehouse

road network

Excellent Road Network


Recreational Facilities


Green Areas

street lights

Street Lights and Street Cameras


24/7 Security


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